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Uncreative Person: 10 Lack-Ofs

Barriers To Creativity: What Prevents People from Being Creative


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Lack of Inspiring Vision

An inspiring vision of a brighter future provides both direction and motivation. Your vision leads you, it sparks your creativity. And vice versa, lack of vision holds you back, makes you travel in circles. And thatís not inspiring at all.

Lack of Passion

Creative people have one thing in common Ė they love what they are doing. Carl Gustav Jung once said, ďThe creative mind plays with the object it loves.Ē If you have no passion for what you are doing, your creative mind stays idle as it has nothing to play with.

Lack of Achievement Drive

Your attitude determines your way of thinking and drives your behavior. If you want to be more creative you need to have the right achievement-focused mindset.

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Lack of Challenge

Inability to spot emerging challenging opportunities as well as lack of drive for challenging assumptions and the status quo keep your creative mind sleeping.

Lack of Fun

People are unlikely to be creative if they don't like their project, business or company. Act like a child. Introduce more fun into your daily living. Fun frees the brain from concerns that impede freethinking, makes failure easier to handle, and turns life into a continuous creative activity.

Lack of Rebelling

Overacceptance of the status quo, clinging to things remaining constant and not changing, and lack of critical thinking inhibit creativity.

Lack of Self-confidence

If you cannot break out of self-imposed limitations, donít dare to be different, and are afraid to be wrong you will never create anything worthwhile.

Lack of Curiosity

I-know-it-all attitude kills creativity at source. Confidence is good, but overconfidence limits your possibilities and options. If you are certain that your approach is the right one, you donít search for better alternatives.

Lack of Knowledge Diversity

You wonít unlock your ability to create innovative synergies if you donít build your cross-functional expertise and donít cross-pollinate ideas with other people.

Lack of Creative Thinking Skills

The good news is that creativity is a talent and a skill that can be learned and enhanced through creative action. Just practice it as often as you can to make creative thinking and creative action your winning habits.


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Creativity isnít some rare gift to be enjoyed by the lucky few ‒ itís a natural part of human thinking and behavior. In too many of us it gets blocked. But it can be unblocked. And unblocking that creative spark can have far-reaching implications.

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