To make a difference, think differently. Use 'Why? What If?' and other inventive questions to challenge your assumptions and turn your findings inside out and upside down. Rearrange, alter, modify,  distort, adjust and twist the things until you can discover something brand new.

Ask yourself:

  • What does all this information / a chain of happenings really mean?

  • How this information could be used to help me achieve my big dream or a stretch goal?

  • How do I make sense of these bytes and pieces of apparently unrelated information and ideas?

  • Can I display this information or data in a way which will cast more light on my core question?

  • What is still missing?

  • How can I rearrange things so that some picture or new insight emerges?  >>>

  • Can any information be regrouped or combined in ways which help new or better meaning to emerge?

  • What needs to be eliminated or reversed or modified in order to make better sense of the stuff?


Vadim Kotelnikov on innovation

In most complex situations, it is not me who arrives to an invention, it is an invention who arrives to me.


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Alan Alda creativity and innovation quotes

Some of the greatest things

 have come about by serendipity,

the greatest discoveries.

Alan Alda




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