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KoRe 10 Tips for Establishing a Culture of Innovation

❶ Be a creative leader. Communicate the importance of innovation to your people and the need for constant change, improvement and growth.

❷ Set and communicate an inspiring vision and a strategic intent of your company.

❸ Promote a culture of creative dissatisfaction with the status quo; train people to think creatively about improvement and innovation all of the time and see problems and change as an opportunity.

❹ Promote a questioning culture; encourage people ask ‘Why?’ and ‘What if?’ questions every day.

❺ Stimulate innovative thinking. Brainstorm frequently; promote advanced techniques for team creativity, inventing thinking, creative problem solving and finding opportunities in problems and failures. Encourage people to practice innovative thinking all the time to turn it into a habit. Кun innovation competitions.

❻ Experiment; develop ‘What if?’ scenarios; give people freedom to fail and restart again. Play strategic simulation games such as “Innovation Football” or “Innovation Chess” to help people develop their entrepreneurial creativity and make it a habit.

❼ Establish clear systems for evaluating, approving and funding ideas – employees must know that ideas are welcome and that good ones will win.

Incentivize innovation and make innovation fun to energize people, make them excited about tackling new challenges and facilitate self-motivation.

❾ Include innovation criteria in the employee review process.

❿ Celebrate innovators: celebrate innovative efforts, including both successes and noble failures; recognize and reward successful innovators.




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Steve Jobs on innovation

Apple is an incredibly collaborative company. You know how many committees we have at Apple? Zero. We're structured like a start-up >>>

Steve Jobs


Akio Morita on innovation

We will try to create conditions
where persons could come together in a spirit of teamwork, and exercise to their heart's desire their technological capacity.

Akio Morita









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