By: Robert B. Tucker

  • Climate: assess the variance between the firm's present climate for innovation and the optimum climate

  • Barriers: describe your organization's barriers to innovation

  • Time: address the "lack of time" barrier

  • System: improve the innovation system or change the system

  • Process: describe your current innovation process

  • Practices: put practices in place that cause openness

  • Attitude: examine your attitude regarding innovation and individual contribution

  • People: balance the mix of people to ensure a conducive culture

  • Mavericks: identify mavericks, or free thinkers, in your company

  • Champions: identify and develop champions

  • Innovators: identify and recruit innovators


Michael Dell quotes

Invest in mutual long-term goals
by hiring ahead of the game and communicating this commitment to your people.

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes

Create a culture of questioning. Questions make you think about new ways of doing things. Innovation starts with challenging assumptions and playing “What if” scenarios.  >>>



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