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Accidental Discovery / Invention

An accidental discovery is a law that was discovered due to an accident.  An accidental invention is an innovative product its author didn't actually intend to invent.

Example: Velcro


SARS Synergy


Discover and Invent While You're Sleeping




Business Model

Business model converts innovation to economic value for the business and conceptualizes the value proposition that distinguishes a firm from its competitors.  It draws on a multitude of business subjects including entrepreneurship, strategy, economics, finance, operations, and marketing, and spells-out how a company generates revenue.

  Play INNOBALL to design a stronger business model


Metaphoric Business Models

Tree  ▪  Football

Musical  ▪  Kite

Business Growth 10+

Apple's New Business Models





Derivative Innovation

A secondary product or service derived from a platform innovation. These innovations are slight modifications of the main product.

→ Example: InnoChess


PDR Types of Innovation

Innompic Theatre




Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation describes a process by which a product or service initially takes root in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves upmarket, eventually displacing established competitors.

→ Example: Innompic Games as a Civilizational Breakthrough


Disruptive Innopreneur

Disruptive Thinking

Disruptive Financial Services




Financial Innovation

Financial Innovation refers to the process of creating new financial or investment products, services, or processes. These changes can include updated technology, risk management, risk transfer, credit and equity generation, as well as many other innovations.

→ Example: Banking as a Service (BaaS)



Innovative Financial Services

Disruptive Financial Services




Holistic Innovation (HI)

Holistic innovation is a visionary big-picture systems approach to inventing, synergizing, designing, harmonizing, producing and delivering complex innovative value.

→ Example: The Tree of Innompic Games


Holistic Thinking

Holistic Creativity

Systemic Innovation





Innovation Architect

Innovation Architect is a visionary and creative innovation leader who designs corporate innovation system, and also contributes to formulation of innovation strategies, development of innovative business models, and building of innovation-focused partnerships.

→ Example: Apple's Innovation Strategies


Holistic Creativity

Systemic Innovation

Empower Cross-functional Innovation Teams




Innovation System

Innovation System is a complex whole, a synergistic cross-functional set of enablers working together as parts of an interconnecting network aimed at empowering innovators and facilitating continuous innovation.

→ Example: 5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games


Innovation System

Innovation Management System

3Ss of Innovation Management

Business Innusual





To invent is to come upon; meet with; discover; think up; devise or fabricate in the mind; think out or produce; originate; devise for the first time; find.

→ Examples: Accidental  Inventions


Creativity and Ideation Directory

Inventive Thinking

Inventive Questions





Synergy Innovation

Synergy innovation is innovation focused on creating innovative synergies.

→ Example: Design of Innompic Games


Empower Cross-functional Teams

Master of Business Synergies (MBS)





Technology Intelligence

Technology Intelligence is about collecting, analyzing , communicating, using competitive technology information.


Learning Outside-In

Competitive and Market Intelligence






Jazz of Innovation








Discovery quotes    Invention quotes

Applied Research

Scientific study targeted to use in a product or process.

Sample Cooperative Research Agreement

Beta Testing

Beta testing of a new-to-the-world product includes a limited group of users outside of the company. The twin aims of the Beta test are to do a sanity test and to get customer feedback on how the product is used and works in the real world.

Beta-Testing a New Product

Case in Point: Procter & Gamble's Align

Google's 9 Notions of Innovation

Break-even Point

The point at which revenues exceed expenses.

Cashflow Forecast

Bridge Financing

A short-term loan made in expectation of intermediate-term or long-term financing. Can be used when a company plans to go public in the near future.

Venture Financing


Brainstorming is a group session where employees contribute their ideas for solving a problem or meeting a company objective without fear or retribution or ridicule.

10 Brainstorming Rules

How To Run a Brainstorming Session

Techniques for Fast Idea Evaluation

Business Incubation

A dynamic process of business enterprise development. Business incubators nurture young firms, helping them to survive and grow during the startup period when they are most vulnerable. The goal of business incubators is to produce healthy firms that create jobs and wealth, strengthen the economy, commercialize new technologies and revitalize communities.



Business Innusual

Business where innovation is a usual thing.

The term "Business Innisual" was coined by Vadim Kotelnikov

Business Innusual

Example of Business Innusual


Creativity is  an act of making something new. It is a mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts... More

Creativity Dictionary

Uncreative Person: 10 Lack-offs

How To Get Inspired: 12 Tips

Disney Creative Strategy

Creative Process

A sequence of activities that are designed to generate creative thinking.

Managing Creativity

Loose-Tight Leadership

Entrepreneurial Creativity

Coming up with innovative ideas and turning them into value-creating profitable business activities.

4 Pillars of Entrepreneurial Creativity


Great Innovator

EntreCre Contests

Entrepreneurial Creativity


Publicly traded companies that have grown at least 20% for each of the last four years, starting with at least US$ 1 million in sales.

Fast Growing Company


Strategic simulation game INNOBALL ("Innovation Brainball") helps strengthen the business design, business model, business case and business strategies of an innovation project of a venture, train and assess the strength of the innovation team, and make a better investment decision.

The term "Innoball" was coined by Vadim Kotelnikov

Introduction to Innoball

Benefits of Innoball

Learning Benefits of Innoball

Area of Application of Innoball

INNOBALL for Trainers

Innompic Games icon Innompic Games (IG)

Innompic Games are World's #1 entrepreneurial creativity contests for innovators, the intellectual brother of Olympic Games.

The term "Innompic Games" was coined by Vadim Kotelnikov

About Innompic Games

6Ws of Innompic Games

IG as a Global Trend Setter


Goodwill Ambassador of Innompic Web Games.

The term "Innssador" was coined by Vadim Kotelnikov


United Innovators


An innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or service), or process, a new marketing method, or a new organizational method in business practices, workplace organization or external relation. The minimum requirement for an innovation is that the product, process, marketing method or organizational method must be new (or significantly improved) to the firm.2

The classic definitions of Innovation include:
● the process of making improvements by introducing something new
● the act of introducing something new: something newly introduced
● the introduction of something new
● a new idea, method or device
● the successful exploitation of new ideas

Innovation 101

PDR Types of Innovation

Types of Innovation: SdD

10 Commandments of Innovation

3S of Innovation Management

Innovation Team

Best Practices

Apple's Innovation Strategies

Smart Innovation

Intellectual Property

Any idea or work that can be considered proprietary in nature and is thus protected from infringement by others.

Intellectual Property Management (IPM)

Inventive Questions

Questions that help you discover and invent new things

Inventive Questions

Market Window

The interval of time during which a particular type of product can be profitably sold.

Competitor and Market Intelligence


In manufacturing and design, a mockup, or mock-up, is a scale or full-size model of a design or device, used for teaching, demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, and other purposes. A mockup is called a prototype if it provides at least part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design.

Beta-Testing a New Product

Apple's Design Process

New Products Fast!

Planet of Loving Creators

Vision of Innompic Games

The term "Planet of Loving Creators" was coined by Vadim Kotelnikov

United Nationals

Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Platform Innovation

Innovation that leads to the practical application of fundamental innovations and, often, to creation of a new industry.

From a business perspective, platform innovation is about seeking out extensions to the current business and leading changes of significant impact.

PDR types of Innovation

Radical Innovation

Radical innovation projects produce an entirely new customer value and set of performance features, produce improvements in known performance features of five times or greater, and create new market niches... More

Managing Radical Innovation

Radical Innovation

Radical vs. Incremental Innovation  >>>

Disruptive Innovation


An attitude and aptitude for making unintended discoveries by accident habitually.

Serendipity >> 10 Tips

Serendipity as a Competitive Advantage

Examples of Accidental Discoveries

Discovery quotes    Invention quotes


A new business, at the earliest stages of development and financing.

5 Success Factors for New Ventures

Start-up Development Roadmap

Synergy Innovation

Innovation focused on  building innovative synergies.

Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

Synergistic Innovation

Synergize Radical and Incremental

Synergize Diversities

Synergistic Marketing


Stands for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving; method of innovation developed in Russia by Genrich Altschuller.

40 TRIZ Principles

Value Innovation

Value Innovation is the search for new, radically different value curves. It is an eclectic mix that integrates different ideas from different sources in order to deliver higher customer value. Value innovation focuses on making the competition irrelevant by creating a leap of value for buyers and for the company, thereby opening up new and uncontested market space.

Kore 10 Tips for Value Innovation

Customer-driven Innovation

Blue Ocean Strategy

3 Strategies of Market Leaders


An entrepreneur building a high-risk-high-return venture around a new-to-the-world product or service.

Steve Jobs

Jeff Bezos


Venture Capital

Money used to support new or unusual business ventures that exhibit above-average growth rates, significant potential for market expansion and are in need of additional financing to sustain growth or further research and development; equity or venture financing traditionally provided at the commercialization stage, increasingly available prior to commercialization.

Venture Funding Stages

Step-by-step Guide To Venture Financing Financial Chronology

Venture Financing













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