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Hackathon benefits


How To Run a Hackathon

  • Invite bright, creative, diverse and enthusiastic teams.

  • Throw a challenge – ask to invent an innovative application and construct a working prototype within a narrow time frame (hackathons typically last between a day and a week).  >>  Example

  • Assemble a team of judges (usually from organizers and sponsors).  >>  Example

  • Provide resources and refreshments.

  • Offer appealing prizes to the winners.


  • The Facebook ‘Like’ button and Facebook Chat both emerged from hackathons.

  • A British railway company held a 48 our hackathon on board a train. One of the winning ideas was an app which scanned carriages and alerted passengers to the location of empty seats.

  • Disney holds four internal hackathons a year.

  • Mastercard holds at least 12 hackathons a year.

  • Dropbox runs a ‘hack week’ where employees can develop any app they like.

  • The group messaging app company GroupMe began as a project at a hackathon at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 conference; in 2011 it was acquired by Skype for $85 million.

Why a Two-Days-Long Hackathon Is Better than One-Day-Long Event

Our subconscious mind works millions of times faster, but it cannot engage while you are brainstorming. It can turn on and ideate on autopilot while you are doing something else or brainstilling, especially while you are sleeping.  >> Examples

So, when you wake up on the Day 2, you have advanced ideas to work on.  >> Example



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