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Capturing and Shaping Ideas

Twin Strategies and 5Ss


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Idea Management: Capturing and Shaping Ideas 5Ss


Innovative organizations can capture ideas in various ways, for example, by providing “thinking rooms” (Ernst & Young), creating hot groups (BP), organizing ideas competitions (Toyota, Fun4Biz), or doing a hackathon (JotSpot). 


Twin Idea Management Strategies

  1. Create conditions where creative ideas will start running around the heads of the staff of your organization or team.

  2. Create a variety of means to capture the ideas so that they can be worked on and shaped collectively.

Tips for Inspiring and Capturing Valuable Ideas

  • Have an inspiring strategic intent or a challenging business problem to focus on.

  • Facilitate outside-the-box thinking and insights by increasing workforce diversity and by inviting external disruptive innovators to your brainstorming sessions.

  • Ensure your corporate culture and environment inspire creativity; provide “thinking rooms”, create hot teams, and/or organize idea competitions.

  • Expose your people to valuable and diverse information and innovative solutions.

  • Train people and provide easy-to-use tools that would help them enhance their innovative thinking, serendipity, and creative problem solving skills and habits.

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Shaping Ideas

Having selected the most promising creative alternatives, start shaping the ideas into breakthrough innovations and developing an innovation strategy.  For such shaping to be successful, a number of different roles are usually involved. These roles are known as the five Ss: “sparks”, “shapers”, “sponsors”, “sounding boards”, and “specialists”. The roles can be filled with staff or top managers, consultants or scientists, engineers or lay people.

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