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Innovation Architect is a visionary and creative innovation leader who designs corporate innovation system, and also contributes to formulation of innovation strategies, development of innovative business models, and building of innovation-focused partnerships.

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Apple's Systemic Approach to Innovation

Apple is widely considered as the #1 innovative company in the world. The company’s innovation strategy involves terrific new products and innovative business models.





The company delivers consumers with a succession of presents – great software in fabulous hardware in beautiful packaging (“really good ideas wrapped up in other really good ideas,” ~ Michael Lopp).

Apple is a disruptive innovator. The company also pioneers into new business spaces, creates game-changing innovations (examples: iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad) and established new market niches.



Steve Jobs on innovation

distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs




Apple innovation leaders think in terms of platforms and pipelines and relentlessly push the pace of innovation. Competitors that chase Apple's latest release find themselves behind when just a few months later Apple introduces its latest and greatest offering. Focusing on where they can make a significant contribution Apple hires great innovators who want to make the best things in the world.





Innovative Business Models

Apple doesn’t just focus on building innovative and beautiful products. It builds innovative business models too. The iPod and iPhone would not have had nearly as much impact if they hadn't been matched with iTunes and the App Store respectively.


Innovative Business Models

The Role of CIO

8 Habits of a Great Innovator





Apple's Innovation System

Apple’s commitment to innovation is cultural, not process driven. The most successful products at Apple were started with only a few people with no formal structure or hierarchy and little corporate oversight. Yet, “to turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of disciplines,” advised Steve Jobs. Apple has built an effective innovation system to harnesses creativity in its people, stimulate new ideas, streamline the design process, and launch successful, profitable new innovations.


3Ss of Innovation Management

Proactive Innovation

Radical Innovation

Innovation System

The Jazz of Innovation

Empowered Cross-functional Innovation Teams





Apple's Design Process

Apple has repeatedly demonstrated with its innovation management what a success user friendliness and design can generate. Genius ergonomics make Apple products effortless to use.“


Apple's Design Process

Value Innovation

Innovation Team



Steve Jobs on innovation

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works

Steve Jobs




Apple leverages its diverse culture, innovation processes, partners and networks to seize the new opportunities in the marketplace and grow its business exponentially.





Innovative Partnerships

Innovative partnerships are an important part of the Apple’s innovation strategy.

To stay ahead, Apple usually over-invests in its supply chain.

The company makes fewer acquisitions than their competitors.



Steve Jobs on innovation

Learn continually
– there's always "one more thing" to learn!

Steve Jobs