Systemic Innovation: 7 Areas


Prototyping Why, What and How

Develop empathy for diversified consumers' needs, even if those consumers are very different from yourself, if you want to anticipate their interests and needs. The best products embrace people's differences.

Practice focused and insightful observation of right people those who do things a little differently in motion, in their natural settings; combine careful watching with occasional well-chosen "why?" questions.

Keep close to the action inspiration often comes from seeing, hearing, feeling being there. Sensory immersion is a powerful source of innovation.

Make brainstorming a religion, practice it every day, weave it into the cultural fabric of your organization.

Make cross-pollination an integral part of your workplace expect to find answers from unusual places, cross-train, change hats, spark people to think beyond the norm.

Encourage boyish pranks and wild play in the office they don't just pump up the team, but also create an atmosphere where you naturally take chances and solve problems.  >>>