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Let Your Inner Genius Invent

Embrace doubt, creative dissatisfaction, change, experimentation, and uncertainty. It is on the edges of knowledge that discovery, inventions and breakthrough innovation happen.

Force yourself out of habitual ways of thinking: approach a problem from an unusual side; break rules; combine the unusual; question conventional wisdom and be ready to rewrite current conventions.  >>>

Ask Inventive Questions

How can I rearrange things so that some picture or new insight emerges?

Can any information be regrouped or combined in ways which help new or better meaning to emerge? ... More

Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT)


Spiral Integration of Ideas (SPIN)




Peter Drucker on Innovation

You can't do carpentry if you only have a saw, or only a hammer. It's when you put all tools into one kit that you invent.


Stephen Covey on innovation

Strength lies in differences,

not in similarities.




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Synergistic Innovation - radical and incremental

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