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Two Different Marketing Strategies

If you sell something non-innovative, work hard to make prospective customers notice you in the crowd of other sellers.  >>>

If you created radically new customer value, invent also an creative buzz marketing strategy to make people desire your product.  >>>


How To Achieve Huge and Lasting Market Success

Why people purchase? And how to get more of them to purchase from you now?

Yes, you can create a skin-deep short-lived desire for your product by advertising its attractive features.

Yet, if you want to achieve huge and lasting market success, you must work with the dreams, hopes, desires, values, fears and unsolved problems that already live in the hearts of millions of people.

Everything radically new causes resistance to change because it threatens to break existing linkages people got used to.

Donít fight with existing deep routed habits, make friends with them. Instead of trying to create a new mass desire, think how you could focus, direct and channel already existing both conscious and subconscious dreams and desires to your product and create an overwhelming urge to own it.

The purpose of your entrepreneurial marketing efforts is to direct desire. People do what they want to do, and this is rooted in their subconscious values. All you need to do in your marketing efforts is tap into a value system with a marketing message that stirs the emotions.





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