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Stretch targets energize.  We have found that by reaching for what appears to be the impossible, we often actually do the impossible; and even when we don't quite make it, we inevitably wind up doing much better than we would have done.

Jack Welch


My main role, though, is not to draw boundaries but to encourage people to keep reaching.

Mark Dean


Innovative companies are led by innovative leaders. It's that simple. Leaders who set demanding goals for themselves and for others, the kinds of goals that force organizations to innovate to meet them.

Andrall Pearson

Harvard Business School

It would be a terrific innovation if you could get your mind to stretch a little further than the next wisecrack.

Katharine Hepburn

American actress

The system is pretty simple: Go for the edges. Challenge yourself and your team to describe what those edges are (not that you’d actually go there), and then test which edge is most likely to deliver the marketing and financial results you seek.

Seth Godin


If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small.

Azim Premji



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