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Innovations had better be capable of being started small, requiring at first little money, few people, and only a small limited market.

Peter Drucker


In innovation, doing things right is often wrong.

Vadim Kotelnikov


Managing and innovation did not always fit comfortably together. That's not surprising. Managers are people who like order. They like forecasts to come out as planned. In fact, managers are often judged on how much order they produce. Innovation, on the other hand, is often a disorderly process. Many times, perhaps most times, innovation does not turn out as planned. As a result, there is tension between managers and innovation.

Lewis Lehro

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing

I believe that through our natural inventiveness, creativity and willingness to solve tough problems, we're going to make some amazing achievement in all these areas in my lifetime.  >>>

Bill Gates


The ability to innovate is only as good as how one can accept changes and take risks.

Franco Paolo Liu Eisma


Build bridges from one department to another, from your company to your prospective customers, and ultimately from the present to the future.

Tom Kelley


When we get a project, we want to give it to a team that's going to be excited about it.

Beth Strong


Promote values, norms and assumptions consistent with a culture of innovation. For example, one company interested in addressing a serious deficiency in risk taking established a “Golden Turkey Award” that was given quarterly, with a light-hearted yet serious spirit, to the individual or team with the greatest “innovation failure.” Given publicly by the CEO, the award became a symbol of the importance of accepting and proactively learning from failure as an essential element of the innovation process.

Soren Kaplan


Organizations that successfully promote ideas have found that the performance of their idea systems is directly related to important aspects of their cultures -- such as trust, respect, morale, involvement and teamwork. They discovered that when employees see that their thinking is valued, attitudes change, and the corporate culture improves. This has a profound effect on performance and the quality of the lives of everyone in the organization.

Alan Robinson and Dean Schroeder

Ideas Are Free

An idea cannot take hold in an organization unless it is well-timed.

Thomas Davenport

Babson College

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations... More

Steve Jobs


Isolating innovation from mainstream business can produce a dangerous cultural side effect: Creativity and Leadership can be perceived as opposites. This artificial disconnect means that innovators often lack the visibility and clout to compete for the resources necessary for success. Only when innovators operate with the credibility of leaders will innovation become a productive part of everyday business.

Craig Wynett

Procter & Gamble


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