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"You can't do carpentry, you know, if you only have a saw, or only a hammer, or you never heard of a pair of pliers. It's when you put all those tools into one kit that you invent."
Peter Drucker



Vadim Kotelnikov on innovation

'1+1=2' is the arithmetics of followers.
The arithmetics of disruptive innovators is '1+1=11'.  >>>



Peter Drucker innovation advice

You can't do carpentry, you know, if you only have a saw, or only a hammer, or you never heard of a pair of pliers.

It's when you put all those tools into one kit that you invent.

Peter Drucker

Thought Leader

Tom Kelley quotes on innovation

Cool technology alone is not enough.

If it were, wed all be riding Segways and playing with robotic dogs.

Tom Kelley


Tom Kelley quotes on innovation

Build bridges from one department to another, from your company to your prospective customers, and ultimately from the present to the future.

Tom Kelley


Tom Kelley quotes on innovation

Organizations should allow serendipity to happen, because I believe that

all of the magic is at the intersection of disciplines now.  >>>

Tom Kelley







Most chief executives fervently want their companies to be more competitive, not just on one or two dimensions but across the board. Yet outstanding competitive performance remains remains an elusive goal. A few companies achieve it. Most do not.

Andrall Pearson

Harvard Business School

There are many parts of the whole field of innovation. All of these components are important. Yet approaching them piecemeal will bring piecemeal results... These seemingly disparate issues must be integrated into a single overarching strategy if they are to be mobilized in the quest for growth.

Robert B. Tucker

The Innovation Resource

To turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of disciplines... More

Steve Jobs


I see true innovation to be made up of three 'creativities' creativity in technology, product planning, and marketing.




Akio Morita


The most important invention that will come out of the corporate research lab in the future will be the corporation itself. As companies try to keep pace with rapid changes in technology and cope with increasingly unstable business environments, the research department has to do more than simply innovate new products. It must design the new technological and organizational architectures that makes possible a continuously innovating company.  Put another way, corporate research must reinvent innovation.

John Seely Brown


A nearly universal misconception about innovation is that the ideal goal is to create the next hot product. That's why most companies focus their R&D dollars there. But because it's increasingly easy for other companies to copy any new product, you rarely get a return on those investments. So the principal thing we've done to encourage innovation is to help people to see there are actually many types of innovation product innovation is one type, but so is innovation in customer service, in business models, in networking, and so on.

Larry Keeley


The most important is to work with a multi-disciplinary team. You need perspectives from marketing, operations, finance, etc. to build new and innovative business models. Its about breaking down the boundaries. Innovative business models touch all aspects of an organization.

Alexander Osterwalder



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