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Every team needs to be inspired and motivated on a daily basis. Whether it's a small team working for a startup or a large team working for a big company, they all need the support. As a team leader or manager, it's your job to figure out the best way to keep everyone up and running. One of the tools you should use is an inspiring team vision statement.

A team vision statement  (→ Example) can help you communicate your company's vision to the team and have all the members of the team working hard for the same goal. If you're not sure what exactly is a team vision statement, or how to write one, just keep reading.

Here's our ultimate guide for writing an inspiring team vision statement easily.

What is a team vision Statement?

Before you start writing, you need to understand what a team vision statement is. Simply put, itís a one-sentence long statement that points out the ultimate goal and vision of the team.

That means that this statement will cover:

- what the team is meant to do

- what is their goal for the future

- what is everyone striving to achieve together

To help you understand, we've prepared a couple of examples:

- A tech company: To make technology available to every household in America.

- A fashion company: Build a world where fashion is in the hands of everyday people.

- A sportswear company: Make every athlete proud and inspired.

So, a team vision statement is an ultimate goal the team is working on achieving − together.

How to Write a Team Vision Statement

To write an inspiring team vision statement, youíll need to follow the simple steps weíve listed below. Letís take a closer look.

1. Brainstorm Ideas

When youíre starting to work on your team vision statement, itís always a great idea to do a brainstorming session. You can do it alone or invite some of the team members to join you.

You should be brainstorming and writing down:

- ideas about the teamís goal (→ Example)

- the mission youíre on (→ Example)

- what youíre trying to give to your customers (→ Example)

- what makes your team special (→ Example)

Write down everything that comes to your mind, and make sure to keep it all in writing. Let it rest and get back to it the next day.

2. Stay Realistic

When you go back to your ideas, itís important that you build a realistic image of whatís your team vision statement. That means it can't be something impossible to achieve.

So, a team vision statement for a local food delivery brand cannot be:

- To bring delicious food to people all over the globe.

It's completely unattainable, which means it will only demotivate the team. They know they can't achieve it, and they'll just feel sad or disappointed.

This is why you need to:

- stick to reality

- set high but achievable goals

- make your team vision statement realistic

So, the same local food delivery company could go for:

- To bring delicious food to all the loving people in the community.

Also, make sure to do some market research and see what your competitors' team vision statements are. Use Get Good Grade if you need help writing a research report for your superiors.

3. Think Ahead

When you're writing a team vision statement, you're setting a future goal for yourself and your team. And, while this goal is supposed to be realistic, it still needs to inspire your team to work hard.

That's why you should make it a goal for the future. Think ahead, and imagine your company and your team in 10 years. Where do you see yourself? That's your team vision statement.

So, you need to incorporate:

- your future goals

- your progress vision

- your big but achievable dreams

This will make your team vision statement stronger and more meaningful.

4. Use Simple Language

You want your team vision statement to be clear and understandable. This way, youíll make sure that every team member that reads it instantly receives the intended message.

The best way to achieve this is to:

- use simple, everyday language

- avoid complicated sentence structure

- set a friendly tone

- avoid technical vocabulary

The simpler your statement, the better it will stick with your team members.

5. Make it Short

Once again, simplicity is the key. Short team vision statements are easier to remember and embrace. Keep your team vision statement:

- one sentence long

- up to 15 words long

A short team vision statement will be concise and to the point. It will deliver the message without any hesitation or sugar coding.

6. Set Expectations

Your team vision statement needs to show your team members what you expect from them in the workplace. They need to see that youíre asking for:

- hard work

- teamwork

- efficiency

- productivity

- a positive work atmosphere (→ Example)

That's why your team vision statement needs to be inspiring and powerful.

7. Test Different Versions

If you have different drafts and ideas for a team vision statement, you could use those ideas to see how your team feels. Testing different versions will help you choose the one your team appreciates the most.

If you need help with writing all these ideas, there are services that offer academic paper writing for students that could help you out.

So, hereís what you can do:

- shape and write down several team vision statements

- show them to your team one by one

- write down their reactions and opinions

- ask them to choose a favorite and elaborate why they chose it

Afterward, take a look at your notes and see which one they like the most. That's your team vision statement. You did write it for your team, after all.

Final Thoughts

Writing an inspiring team vision statement is a responsible task. You need to make sure the final result is a successful statement that your team will love and memorize   (→ Example).

Use the tips we've shared above to write a brilliant team vision statement that your entire team will look up to.

Authorís Bio

Estelle Liotard is a content writer and editor with years of experience working for marketing and content strategy teams. She currently manages her remote content writing team and blogs about the tips and secrets of a successful online presence. She's also a skilled proofreader.

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