Global Virtual Venture Valley (VVV)

Helping Innovation Giants Grow!


Presentation of the Concept and Development Strategy

by  Vadim Kotelnikov personal logo Vadim Kotelnikov

Founder of Innovarsity free online Innovation University!

 We started developing VVV in 2001. It's key components (Ten3 Business e-Coach,, etc.)

are working perfectly. Beta version of VVV1 will be launched in the nearest future.

The Global Virtual Venture Valley (VVV) will help innovation giants grow globally. It will make international cooperation among innovation leaders and joint development of revolutionary technologies and products by international teams much easier, faster and more effective.

Our entrepreneurial team of radical innovation professionals has been developing VVV since 2001. Most of the key VVV components (Ten3 Business e-Coach at 1000ventures, Innovarsity, Innoball, Fun4Biz, and others) have been commercialized successfully and have customers in over 100 countries. Today, VVV is in its final development stage. It will be launched in the nearest future.


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1st International Conference on VVV

26-27 November 2010

View video addresses by:

Martti Vallila, CEO, Martti Vallila & Co, Silicon Valley, USA

Jouko Ahvenainen, Co-Founder of GrowVC, London, UK

The Conference gathered a focused international team of the VVV founding members. The participants exchanged ideas on what country-specific unsatisfied needs of innovators VVV should meet to make global cooperation in the field of development of new ventures as smooth as possible. The initial group of key players and a set of radical innovation projects has been selected for participation in the beta-testing phase of VVV.

VVV will be launched in the nearest future!

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