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Review of a book by Paul Sloane

The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking


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The book The Leader's Guide To Lateral Thinking by Paul Sloane gives you new eyes, develops your creativity and puts you on a higher frequency. You won't find anything new if you look hard in the same direction. Besides, the brain becomes complacent after a while and stops questioning. The book encourages you to question your assumptions and to look for places where conventional wisdom is probably wrong.



Your can in the book:

  • a number of very practical methods businesses can use to encourage and foster a climate of innovation

  • a very wide range of useful techniques, stimulating examples and case studies to unlock creativity  your innovation team or in your organization

  • how to cast aside the blinkers and find the best answers to even the most intractable problems

  • learning by doing exercises.


This is a delightfully fresh and didactic approach to a an important subject: how to enable innovation and creativity in business.

As a reading for anyone, not just for use in workplace, but also for everyday situations, the book develops your Entrepreneurial Creativity by offering a number of techniques and practices to encourage the generation and shaping of new ideas. Paul Sloane offers leaders a handy, practical guide to the well-trodden paths of brainstorming, tolerance of failure and leadership by example.



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